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Get to know me

I’m Emma Grace, a high school student, Jesus lover, creative writer, podcaster, blogger, and future speaker as well as a future business owner. I’m recovering from the need to want to rescue people, and the Lord has saved me from me previous addiction as a porn addict. I am a sister, daughter, and hiker, who really needs to stop buying books when I already have a pile I need to read.

What I do




Read books when I already have a pile unread 🙂

My goal

My goal is to reach people from all over the world with Gods good news, and impact them with what Jesus, the son of God has put into my heart, and that is to live a shame free life. My goal is to help turn people away from the world, and encourage them to follow shamelessly in Jesus Christs perfectly ordained path that he has set apart for them.Whether that be through my podcast, blog, my future published books, or day to day interactions, The Lord has given me a desire and a heart quickening passion for communication with other people.My goal is to follow My Fathers goal, and that is to see his children free.

The Blog

This blog will tie into most of my podcast episodes, posts will go out every Wednesday, while the podcast episodes come out every Monday with the same subject and points so you guys can look back on what we talked about if you would like. I will sometimes post random blog posts and or episodes that don’t coincide with one another. If you have any blog post requests, or podcast episode requests email me! 🙂

10 Christmas cookies to make

Merry Christmas season lovely’s! In this weeks blog post we will be going over 10, yes I said it 10 Christmas cookie recipes to make this holiday season! A lot of these I’ve NEVER even heard about! DISCLAIMER: these recipes I found on Pinterest, I do not claim any ownership of the recipes or pictures.These … Continue reading

5 Toxic things YOU need to stop doing

Hello lovely! In this weeks blog post we will be talking about 5 things that YOU need to cut from your life? Starting today. I’m quite eager to get this post to you guys because I’ve struggled with all of these before, some more than others, so I can relate on a personal level,before we … Continue reading

Christmas season bucket list

Happy holidays lovelys! in this weeks blog post we will go over 15 things that you an do this holiday season! Listen to the “Honey Coated Words” podcast episode on “Christmas bucket list” on anchor, spotify, apple podcast and more! Lets get right to it! Heres what we will be covering today… Try all holiday … Continue reading

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